Hi, I’m Andrew. If you’d like, you can follow me on Twitter or connect with me on LinkedIn.

My Work 📱🖥

I work as a senior iOS developer at STAGE TEN – a Toronto company building a live streaming platform for regular people who want to create broadcasts. I also previously worked at AT&T (which acquired my previous previous employer Quickplay). There I contributed to the writing, design, planning, documentation and testing of a video streaming middleware that runs on iOS clients, written in both Objective-C and Swift. The framework our small team built was the video/download/DRM core of the Apps made for many of the most used cable/content providers & ISPs (DirecTV, Fox, Rogers, Bell, National Geographic, and others.).

My Education 🚀 🎸 💻

My background is eclectic. I went to a performing arts-focused high school, then earned degrees in astrophysics and education. I’ve also taken college and university courses in computer science, and since July 2014 I’ve been working full time as an iOS developer, working on improving my craft.

I’ve attended conferences including NSNorth and WWDC, and hope to go again.

An App I Made 👨‍💻

Between about 2012 and 2014, I got particularly interested in some classroom Matlab problems and started learning to write and design code even outside of the class. I encountered the idea of iOS development, and created an iPhone game called Cryptoquips. It’s a word puzzle built on a Caesar cypher, and you may have seen one in a newspaper.

I did all the planning, development, full custom artwork (Photoshop), and any marketing the app has had. Cryptoquips is available on the App Store, where it has been downloaded more than 10,000 times and rated roughly 4.5 stars for almost the full time it has been on the App Store.

Leadership Experience 🙋‍♂️

I started consciously thinking about leadership during the 8 years I spent as an LIT and then a summer camp counsellor at Theatricks Theatre Co. It is a camp with its own unique energy in the room (if you went to a camp, you get it) and it pushed me to consequently study education, which led to a couple years of experience working and volunteering in Toronto schools, and then participation in a peer leading role during the year I studied at George Brown college.

Other Technical Work 👾

I’ve made a few websites, mostly with custom WordPress (PHP) themes.